It’s Summer, and I’ve already talked about the dangers of walking your dog in the heat, and how skipping a walk is not going to harm anyone, so how about a way you can help your dog to enjoy this lovely weather with you?

Here is a recipe for Frozen Pupcakes, which are really, really easy to make, and dogs just love them!


  • 500ml Low Salt Chicken Stock
  • Random treats (small pasta shapes, kibble, dog jerky, cooked chicken etc)
  • Goat’s yoghurt (it’s more easily digestible than cow)
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Gravy bones


Frozen Pupcakes Recipe, Dog treats, Cupcakes
Frozen Pupcakes Recipe, Dog treats, Cupcakes
Frozen Pupcakes Recipe, Dog treats, Cupcakes
Frozen Pupcakes Recipe, Dog treats, Cupcakes
Frozen Pupcakes Recipe, Dog treats, Cupcakes


  1. Make your stock in the measuring jug, and allow to cool (if using pasta shapes, just put them in with the stock, and they’ll cook as it cools)
  2. Place all your muffin cases into the muffin tin
  3. Distribute treats evenly across all the cases
  4. Pour in your stock across all the cases – should be just over half for each
  5. Place in freezer, and wait…
  6. When they are frozen solid, remove from freezer.
  7. Put a good dollop of yoghurt on each and spread out with a spoon to the edges
  8. Place a frozen blueberry atop each, and half a gravy bone alongside
  9. Place back into the freezer, and wait…
  10. When solid, peel back all the silicon cases, place the frozen pupcakes into freezer bags (obviously giving one to your dog right away to lick and munch on)

Here’s a video of Kimber, my beagle, enjoying his very first Frozen Pupcake…

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