We’ve had a few enquiries recently as to what we mean by ‘Lifestyle’ Dog Training, and how it differs from ‘normal’ dog training.

Our clients are all city-based, even living out in (relatively) green and leafy Hammersmith, Chiswick and Fulham, it’s still London even if we’re not in the bustling metropolis itself. And a lot of clients do take their pups into work with them (yay #OfficeDogs), and that’s often in the city. Either way, we’re definitely living in areas that are not normal habitat for dogs.

We chose to have our dogs – they got no say in the matter. So at The Office Dog, we believe that it’s our responsibility as our pups’ humans, to put training in place that helps them fit in with our lives. Our Lifestyle.

Think about all the things we expect from our dogs;

  • Go to the toilet outside
  • To come when called
  • Be ok with being left alone for a while
  • Want to play with us when we want to play
  • Leave us alone when we’re busy
  • Stay out of the kitchen
  • Not chew things
  • Like everybody they meet
  • Not bark at people
  • Not eat what they’re not supposed to eat
  • Not to chase cyclists, or joggers, or cars, or kids on those scooters
  • To walk right next to us, and not stop to sniff everything
  • To play nicely with all other dogs
  • To wait at the curbside
  • To sleep through the night
  • Not to be on the bed or sofa
Shitzu enjoying being with a group of young professionals having a picnic

Now, we’re not saying that you’re supposed to do all these things (we certainly don’t keep our dogs off the sofa. And, you know, there might be some occasions when they sleep in the bed with us… And we really don’t care whether they want to play with other dogs. And right by our side on walks? Not a hope!), but we all have a long list of dos and dont’s that we have for our dogs. And how many of us have taken the time to explain to our dogs, in a way that they understand, what we expect from them?

This is what Lifestyle Dog Training is about – teaching our dogs what we want from them, so that they can fit in as stress-free as possible with our lives. We believe dog training should be just as beneficial to the dog as well as the owner.

So whether your puppy is going to be an Office Dog, a Pub Dog or a Stay-at-Home Dog when she grows up, we can help you to teach her what is expected of her from day one.

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