Once your dog is reliable performing a behaviour in a training session, you can progress it in one of three ways:


Gradually build up the distance between you and your dog for when you give the cue. This is essential for when teaching a recall, but can be useful to teach your dog to sit and wait at a distance when he’s out and about.


Slowly build up the amount of time your dog holds a pose, or holds a wait. To do this just hold out for a second on giving the marker, and reward, repeat that a couple of times. Then two seconds, then three etc.


Moving the training to a new location, the garden for example, to see if your dog can still perform the desired behaviour with added distraction. You may need to go back a step or two to get his focus back. Or just being in the house, but with someone else doing something in the room. Start small before building up to a park, or a cafe.

For some behaviours you might want to work on all three of these, you can do them in any order, but only work on one at a time.

French Bulldog on a sofa with a laptop

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