I wanted to make sure I remembered all the special people who helped me on this journey to creating The Office Dog...

First Off.... Thank you to my parents and siblings. For being so patient and loving throughout all my self-reinventions and career changes. It's taken a while, but I've finally found my tribe! I love you.

Thanks to Carlos. Despite only ever hearing "Waah Waah Waah", he's been there throughout this journey, and put up with my craziness.

To Steph Jones. Who is the epitome of Positivity, and an absolute ray of sunshine.

To Victoria Stilwell, Brad & Lisa Waggoner, Jo Pay, Sarah Fisher, Paula Bloom and Sarah Heath, and to everyone whom, without their dedication and passion there would be no Victoria Stilwell Acadamy, and I would never have ended up going down this path. (There's a name missing here, but we'll come back to her!)

To all my classmates, and the mentors at the VSA. Special thanks to Rachael Landymore, Helga Agnete Arntsdatter, Jenny Parrett and Faye Godson - who were all pretty intimidating to work with at the start, but showed kindness and patience to a total newbie. And a massive shout out to Halina Nawrocka, my partner in crime, and my venting buddy throughout the more stressful times.

Which leads me onto Eryn Martyn-Godfrey, My mentor. My inspiration. My friend. Thank you so much for everything - you went above and beyond with your help and guidance. And still do!

The missing name in the VSA list? Nichole Smith. a lecturer on the course, and the person behind Working With Dog. For inspirational pet-themed business advice, instructions to stay in hotels, and a whole bunch of american enthusiasm!

To the other members of #WWD, especially Cassie Jo Perez, my 'buddy', and to all the others on the Fast Track. It's so great having people to chat to about the insanities that we go through as petpreneurs.

To Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman of Absolute Dogs / Naughty but Nice Dogs, who re-awoke the fun of dog-training after I got a bit bogged down by the business side of it.

To all the #emailgeeks who still seem to love me despite my defection from the dark arts.

And above and beyond all, to Kimber. Who came into my life, with no choice of his own, in a less than positive way, but who turned my world upside down. And who loves me. Always and forever.

Thank you

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