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Great training We really enjoyed it and Sunny has come on leaps and bounds in just a couple of days Jane and Sunny
Definitely booking more Lessons! I couldn’t have asked for someone more knowledgeable about dogs and also very good with transferring knowledge over to humans. L Bauer and Leia
Sharon is a miracle worker! When visiting Butternut Box offices she taught one of our puppies how to ‘down’ in about 5 seconds Hannah and Reya
Great value for money Sharon was great… Definitely helped with the training of our puppy. Thank you for all your help guys! Adene and Ozzy
Sharon’s can do attitude has given us the confidence boost we needed. A lovely friendly woman, full of excellent advice, who we could honestly share our insecurities with over our new little terror of a Parson Terrier. Vivien and Tippi
Excellent! Sharon was great – as good at training me as at training Asta, and the Training Notes are fun to read. Elizabeth and Asta

So you’ve got your new little bundle of joy, and obviously you want to ensure that she gets the best start in life.

You wouldn’t think twice about sending a child to school, and puppy training is the equivalent for our canine friends.

All of our puppy training sessions are private 1-to-1s with your trainer. We come to you, so that your puppy is as relaxed as possible, after all, your home is where she feels safest.

4-Week Course

Puppy and Me: Weimaraner puppy chewing a blanket

Package Deal

Puppy Adventurer: Golden Labrador Puppy Running Through Grass

2-Part Course

Puppy's First Walk: Australian Shepherd Puppy in a harness sat on grass

Individual Sessions

Puppy Singles: Cute Beagle Puppy lying down on gravel

Why don’t we do Group Classes?

Group puppy classes aren’t right for every dog. Distractions caused by being in a new place, with new people, strange dogs and all the sights and smells can prevent some puppies from being able to focus and learn. Private puppy training however, is suitable for every puppy…

Which puppy training is right for you?

If this is your first puppy, or if it’s been a while since you’ve had to go through 2am potty breaks, we’d definitely recommend the 4-week package. As soon as you book, you’ll receive an info pack on everything from puppy developmental stages through house-training to the best walking equipment (leads and harnesses). You’ll get 4-hours with a trainer, and also a course of emails with extra skills to work on in your own time.

If however you’re an experienced puppy-owner, and you know what you’re doing, maybe you just have one or two issues to iron out, we’d recommend the individual sessions. These are also a great top-up if after you’ve done the 4-week course, you just need some extra direction in a couple of areas.

Alternatively, we have Puppy’s First Walk, a 2-parter focused solely on ensuring that your pup’s very first walk is a positive experience. And we now have a package deal that combines Puppy’s First Walk with Recall Foundations, to prepare your pup for all walks, on-lead or off.

Cute puppy sat down looking at camera

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