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Puppy Training Packages

Our Puppy Training Packages go beyond the normal puppy training, which tends to just teach a succession of ‘tricks’, and that’s it.

We want you to understand your puppy and to build a strong relationship, based on mutual trust and respect. You need to be able to tackle all the challenges that life will throw at you long after you’ve finished these sessions.

Puppy Training Packages

Our Puppy Training Packages go beyond the normal puppy training, which tends to just teach a succession of ‘tricks’, and that’s it.

We want you to understand your puppy and to build a strong relationship, based on mutual trust and respect. You need to be able to tackle all the challenges that life will throw at you long after you’ve finished these sessions.

What’s Included?

Our Puppy and Me Puppy Training is available in three different packages to meet you and your pup’s needs. Whether you’ve already got your new puppy or you’re yet to bring them home, we have a package to suit you.


New Puppy eBook

You will be sent our ‘New Puppy’ eBook as soon as you purchase one of our Puppy and Me Puppy Training Packages. It contains information and advice to help you before your first session.

4 Syllabus Training Sessions

The first session is 1.5hrs, followed by three more at 1hr each. These sessions follow a set syllabus to help get the best out of your new puppy.

Session Notes

After every session you will be emailed notes on everything that was covered that day.

Skills Training Emails

In between sessions you will receive emails with step by step instructions to teach your puppy new skills. This allows your trainer to cover more complex concepts during the sessions.

10% Discount on Future Training

When you complete one of our Puppy and Me Puppy Training Packages you will receive a discount code for 10% off of any further training with us.*

Goodie Bag

On your first session you will receive a goodie bag, full of information, discounts, recommendations and treats for your new pup.


As per Silver package, plus:

Puppy's First Walk

Be accompanied by your trainer on your pup’s first walk out in the big scary world with Puppy’s First Walk Training Session^. This session lasts 45minutes.

2x 15-minute Phone Calls

You can schedule two fifteen-minute calls with your trainer for some extra help, either between sessions, or after the course has completed.


As per Gold package, plus:

Pre-Puppy Consult

Be prepared ahead of time with our Pre-Puppy Consult before your little one comes home. Get advice on everything puppy and puppy-proofing ready for the big day.

1hr Freestyle Session

After the syllabus sessions are complete, get an extra hour of training. You can cover areas that you’re still struggling with, or let us teach you some brain ames to play with your pup.

“Excellent! Sharon was great – as good at training me as at training Asta, and the Training Notes are fun to read.” Elizabeth and Asta, the Cavapoo

Puppy and Me
Puppy Training Prices

Puppy and Me
Puppy Training FAQ

What age puppies is this suitable for?

One of the brilliant things about Positive Training is that you can start using them almost as soon as a pup is born! So these sessions are suitable for pups to enrol from 8 weeks (when you’re legally around to take them home) to about 16 weeks. Note that the Platinum package has an element for BEFORE you bring your new puppy home.

When should I book the Pre-Puppy Consult?

Before your puppy comes home!
And as soon as possible – then you can have more time to plan and make any amends required.

When should I book the Puppy's First Walk session?

After at least the first syllabus session, and preferably after the second as well.

During daylight hours and straight after the vet gives the all-clear after vaccinations. This should be your pup’s first-ever walk outside so that we can help make it a positive, enriching experience.

When should I book my phone calls?

You can use them in between sessions, or wait until after the course is complete.

When should I book my 1hr freestyle session?

Book this session after you’ve completed your four syllabus sessions. That way you’ll know if there’s anything you need extra help with.

What if there's nothing I need extra help with on the Freestyle Session?

First off, congrats to to you and your puppy! But seriously, your trainer can teach you games to play to keep your dog entertained, or can introduce something a bit more advanced if they feel you’re ready.

What equipment do I need?

Your pup will need a harness and a lead. We recommend Perfect Fit Harnesses, but any harness will suffice.

For the lead, please have a fixed length lead (not an extendable) that is long enough that when your hands are at waist height, your pup can be lying down next to your feet.

You will need a treat pouch that you can wear on your person.

I've bought a package, how do I book the sessions ?

There is a link unique to you on your booking confirmation email, and on every email that you receive from us about Puppy and Me. Just click on that, and you’ll find all the sessions available to your package.

What is covered in the Puppy and Me syllabus?

We will cover the basic puppy training skills such as sit, lie down etc, but we go a step further than this. The Office Dog will introduce you to training games that will make your dog want to be near you (a crucial first step for both leash walking and recall), and also how to chill out and relax on his mat – teaching calmness in a dog is a highly underrated training technique. We will cover life skills such as the handling that will be required when visiting a vet or a groomer and being able to have a harness or muzzle put on.

I have a particular issue with my puppy, can we cover that?

The 4-part training sessions cover a set syllabus, however chances are your issue is covered in there. If you purchase the Platinum Package, there is a one-hour freestyle session where we can go over your choice of topic in more depth. Gold and Platinum also have added support of scheduled phone calls to go over issues.

How do I prepare my pup for the training?

Please make sure that your pup is rested, and that they have not had a meal in the hour beforehand. Treats are fine. Treats are always fine.

Is there a time limit to book everything?

From point of payment you have three months to use all the sessions included.

How long are the courses?

The Silver Package has four sessions, so could be as little as four weeks (you need about a week in between session). However, we know life happens, and sometimes there are longer gaps in between – that’s fine.

Our Gold Package has an extra session for Puppy’s First Walk, so a minimum of 5 weeks, and Platinum has the freestyle session as well, so a 6-week minimum.

What if I struggle with teaching what's in the skills emails?

Just talk to your trainer on your next session, or where relevant make use of one of your phone calls.

What is in the eBook?

The ebook covers topics such as canine body language, house-training, socialisation, diet and unwanted chewing.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

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* Discount can only be used by client and cannot be passed on. Discount is valid for Connected Walking, Sniff Walks or Recall Sessions for the same dog.

^ As part of the Gold and Platinum Training Packages, Puppy’s First Walk is the second part of the standard 2-part session, as the first is incorporated into the Puppy and Me syllabus.

** The 15 minute phone calls must be scheduled in advance via our booking system and cannot be made ad-hoc.


Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm.

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