Butternut Box

Kimber, the CEO’s dog recently changed to Butternut Box, and we can tell you, the air smells a lot sweeter around here now, if you know what we mean!

Butternut Box have revolutionised the dog food industry, not only are the meals SO much better for your dog than what you can get on supermarket shelves (No nasty preservatives, grains or mystery meats), but they come pre-portioned to your dog’s calorie needs, AND are delivered to your door on a subscription basis. It couldn’t be easier!

They come in four fab flavours, all gently cooked with care in the UK; Beef, Lamb, Turkey and Chicken. We may have sneaked a taste while prepping, and they are actually pretty tasty! And Kimber is loving it too…

What’s even better is, you can either opt to have 100% of your dog’s meals at Butternut, or you can split it with another food, like Eden kibble.

Butternut is wet enough to be able to stuff inside a Kong or K9 Connectable, but is also dry enough to be able to sprinkle over a Snuffle Rug, making ditching the bowl altogether easier.

And, we’re thrilled to say, as an Ambassador for Butternut, we can give you 75% off of your first box if you use our link.

What are you waiting for?

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