I am proud to say that The Office Dog is now a brand ambassador for Butternut Box. I first encountered the company in 2016 at The National Pet Show at the Excel centre in London. I chatted with Kevin, one of the founders and it all seemed very impressive. As did a number of other dog food companies I spoke to that day, and I didn’t really think any more about it. Although the name of the company, and their backstory did stick with me, unlike a lot of the others, who didn’t seem to have one – or at least not one that they were sharing with potential customers. Who doesn’t love to find out that  dog food business started through making homemade food to cure a pet dog of farting? Our dog’s a little farter too! Moving on, I enrolled on the Victoria Stilwell Academy, and was set up with my mentor, Eryn Martyn-Godfrey of Believe in Magic Dog Training; an incredible trainer and behaviorist based in SE London. Eryn was a raw food advocate, yet unlike a lot of other raw dog people, she wasn’t constantly trying to force the idea onto others. But, she was obviously very passionate about it’s benefits. So, imagine my surprise when she tells me that she’s changed her dogs onto this fabulous new subscription service of lightly cooked dog food!?! She told me the name, Butternut Box (obviously). I looked them up, as we were still having issues with Kimber. His farting was still regular and stinky, and his poops had never been normal. However, after having him checked and tested at the vets, we decided that this was normal for him. And we weren’t feeding him the rubbish you get on supermarket shelves, he had foods that were highly rated on allaboutdogfood.co.uk. But the timing was wrong, we’d recently changed over to a wet dog food that was a little better than previous ones, and we didn’t want to change again so soon after this improvement. So I kept seeing Butternut Box at pet shows and exhibitions. Kept getting their leaflets with our coffee subscription delivery (yes, we’re those people). And occasionally I’d look again, as Kimber was still a little stink bomb. One of the main things that was putting me off signing up, was the fact that you needed to keep it in the freezer. In a flat in West London, you don’t get an awful lot of space for a second freezer, and the space we had in our existing one was sacred! So that was it. Until last month when I got contacted by Hannah at Butternut, who’d come across The Office Dog website, liked the things we stand for, and wanted to see if we’d consider becoming ambassadors. I was very up front and said I wouldn’t feel right recommending a brand that my dog didn’t use and like. We discussed my worries, and a lot about in dogs in general. She offered me a trial to see how I and Kimber got on with it, and I agreed to give it a go. A few days later my box arrived. And I was very surprised by how little space it actually required. The food is pre-portioned in plastic pouches, not the cumbersome boxes I was expecting that you see with raw foods. There was a very handy guide to stick on the fridge to help you through transitioning your dog onto their new food – and because of that transition period it took a few days to see the benefits. But trust me, it was there! At this point we’d changed over to feeding Kimber 100% Butternut, and it was like a small miracle. Farts were almost completely gone, and what was still there was virtually odourless. For the first time in his life his poops were consistently healthy and normal. I do now split the Butternut food with Eden kibble, as I like him to have the variety of wet and dry – but he’s still got a far healthier digestive system than on any of the other wet foods we tried. I was sold. I immediately signed up for a subscription, and was more than willing to be a Brand Ambassador.

So what does it mean to be a Brand Ambassador?

Well first off, I got to visit the Butternut Box Offices in White City the other week, and met some of their office dogs. While playing training with one of them I got to meet the other company’s founder, Dave. Who was totally ok with a handshake that came complete with dog slobber and treat residue. They are real dog people through and through. It also means I get to rave about Butternut Box to all my clients, people I meet in the dog park, anyone who might want some awesome dog food really! And to aid that I get access to videos and other materials to learn more about the company, and the benefits of the food. And most importantly, I can offer you a 75% discount on your first box so that you can see how awesome it is for yourself. Just head on over to butternutbox.com/TheOfficeDog, or use the code TheOfficeDog on checkout. See for yourself how much of a difference it can make for your dog.

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