As previously reported, Sharon, our CEO, volunteered over the holidays for Crisis at Christmas’ Dogs Service.

In total, nine dogs were looked after during the week. As well as food, walks and shelter for them while their owners used the service, they received vet check-ups and vaccinations from the Mayhew, and had leads, harnesses, coats etc to take away with them.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported her efforts by making a donation to either Mayhew or Crisis. At the time of posting yourdonations on Sharon’s page reached £200 for Mayhew and £50 for Crisis.

A word from Sharon:

It’s an amazingly intense week. It’s a massive service! It runs 24 hours, in three different shifts. We had a lot of challenges this year, and met them all head on! We meet some wonderful people, and hear some incredible stories.
It’s fascinating watching the dogs behaviour change – at the beginning of the week they’re quite tense and wary, and you can just see them visibly relax as the week goes on. A dog that would be barking and hackles raised when someone comes in to the area on day one, will be sleeping through the same thing by the end.
The last day, as we pack them all off with treats and coats is heartbreaking. Saying goodbye to them, and knowing they might not get to be this warm and comfortable for a while.
I broke on that last day. One owner, a guest, had been rushed into hospital during the week, and we hadn’t had an update on his status. His dog was pining for him, and was being very clingy with us. We’d been making arrangements with Mayhew for them to take care of him while his owner was located and they could be reunited. The owner then just appeared from nowhere. The pup was so full of joy and love at the sight of him – it was just too much for an already highly charged emotional day.
Dogs are just fabulous. And its testament to their love and loyalty, that a lot of these guests could get somewhere to live if they gave up their dogs. But they just can’t. They’re their family and friend and support system all rolled into one. It’s an honour to be able to help them in this small way.

We also wanted to announce that next year Sharon will be the Service Organiser. Planning and preparations have already begun!

It’s not too late to show your support. You can still make a donation to either Crisis or the Mayhew via Sharon’s JustGiving fundraising page.

Photography by: Rowan Williams

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