I get asked a lot by new-puppy-owners-to-be about what they should buy and have ready for when their new pup comes home. While every dog is different and will have different needs, some things are universal.

Essentials for when puppy comes home

  • Crate – Just big enough for them to stretch out, or stand up and turn around in
  • Puppy pen
  • Blankets or a cheap soft bed – puppies chew, don’t get an expensive one to start with, but don’t get a hard bed as that can stop them stretching out
  • Water bowl
  • Puppy Food, wet and dry
  • Puppy Konga variety of types if you can
  • Puppy Nylabone
  • A variety of toys in different textures, materials and types – stick to dog toys though, not human toys as the latter may have parts unsuitable for chewing
  • A Snuffle Rug
  • Pet Remedyincluding a plugin that’s been on for a few days before homecoming
  • Collar
  • ID tag – with a minimum of your surname, postcode and phone number
  • Fixed-length leadnot a retractable
  • A variety of puppy training treats
  • A pouch or bag for treats that you can attach to your person
  • A clicker
  • A Grooming Brush
  • Doggy toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Puppy Pads – only if you don’t have an easily accessible garden
  • Simple Solution Cleaning Spray
  • Jay Cloths, or lots of paper towels

Please note that food bowl is deliberately not on this list. #DitchTheBowl, and use Kongs, Snuffle Rugs and other toys to feed your pup. It’s more interesting for them, builds their confidence and extends the best time of the day!

You will also want to have training sessions booked and ready to go, a day or two after your pup comes home. Take a look at our private training sessions.

Things to get soon after when you know them a bit better

  • A harness – Perfect Fit preferably
  • More treats – when you’ve figured out what they like and don’t like
  • More toys – ditto

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