Puppies start to lose their baby teeth between about 12 and 18 weeks old. They go from having 28 needle-like teeth, to 42 adult teeth, which are not nearly so sharp. You won’t always see the baby teeth when they fall out, they are tiny, and sometimes the pup will swallow them.

Similarly to babies, this teething can cause great discomfort and pain to the little pup. This can manifest as being more vocal (including at night), and an increase in chewing and biting (a nightmare for those of us who already had quite mouthy puppies to begin with!).

It’s hard, but try to remember this when dealing with your pup, they’re not trying to be a dick, or intentionally piss you off – they’re in pain, and this is how they deal with that. But there is good news, you can help them out!

If pup starts gnawing on you, or something else you’d actually quite like to keep intact (Ha! You have a puppy! You no longer get to have nice things), just substitute for one of these items, but let them have access to a couple of things all the time. The more variety of ‘good’ things they have access to chew, the less likely they’ll try and gnaw on the ‘bad’ things.

Any suitable chew toys

Frankly, anything is better than nothing! So just make sure there are some toys around that your pup can chew, without causing himself any harm. One of my dog’s favourite chew toys for a while was the rubber anti-chew tubing that you use to protect cables… Have I mentioned recently that my dog is a dick?

Critter Cord Cable Protector - Anti-chew, Puppy Training, Teething
Kimber the beagle, chewing the anti-chew cable protector, Puppy Training, Teething

Frozen… Stuff

The cold will help numb their sore gums. But don’t make the mistake I made when you’re freezing wet items… put the items into a bag before freezing os they don’t stick to everything else!

  • Carrots – either freeze a fresh carrot, or buy frozen baby carrots
  • Water-soaked rope toys (or a low-salt, weak stock – or even a weak chamomile tea)
  • Ice cubes
  • Stuffed Kongs – yoghurt went down well with my boy, when I took it out of the freezer, I’d smear some coconut oil over the end to get the licking started

Antos Root

The Antos Root is the tuber root of a tree. It’s generally a winner, as again the softness allows them to really sink their sore teeth in*. It’s especially good for the pups that have taken a fondness for chewing wooden chair legs, table legs, skirting boards, doors etc.


The slight softness of the puppy Nylabones, gives them something appropriate to sink their teeth into. Honestly, my dog is now over 3 years old, and he still likes the puppy Nylabones – he has no interest in the harder, adult ones. I think it comes from living with two adults who still like Haribo and computer games…

* Yes I know that technically it’s their gums that are sore, but it’s really hard to describe how it helps their gums when it’s the teeth that are being used

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