The other week we looked at some good practices to follow when organising a dog show, this week we look at considerations for dog owners on attending such events with their pups.

The heat alone can be reason enough to leave your dogs at home – see more about the dangers of hot weather.

As for fairs, not all dogs like to be in busy places with lots of people – think about your pup before taking them along to an event like this. And definitely think twice before entering them into a dog show.

Some dogs enjoy the attention, and the proximity to other dogs, but not true of all dogs. Make sure you’re doing things for your dog, not for your own enjoyment!

If your dog is ok to be in a crowd, but doesn’t like contact from strangers, you can get special apparel that says your dog is nervous and requests that people stay back. Don’t be scared to tell people to stop if they just try to stroke your dog without asking – you’re his champion!

If the ‘ring’ for the fair is too small for all the entrants to stand a few feet apart, avoid entering – there’s too much risk of confrontation for already stressed-out dogs.

Don’t force your dog to say hello to other dogs or people; it’s generally best to restrict interactions when one or more dogs is on a leash – it stops them from being able to remove themselves if they don’t like the other dog.

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