Is your dog office-friendly?

So, you’re working in an office that is dog-friendly, but a question that owners sometimes forget to ask themselves before taking their dog to their workplace, is “Is my dog office-friendly?”. Considering this question carefully helps not only keep you and your dog happy, but  ensures that everyone in your office is safe and productive.

Your dog’s temperament

Although your dog doesn’t have to want to say hello to everyone, and be stroked by everyone, they do need to be ok to be around other dogs and people. It’s not just aggressive dogs that bite, fearful dogs do too. If your dog is scared of people or other dogs, then there could be an issue if you take him to the office. You may want to consider seeing a behaviorist to try to deal with this issue.

Your dog’s obedience and behaviour

Is your dog prone to barking? Does she like to chew cables? Is he unable to settle for long periods of time? Problem behaviours like this, or lack of basic obedience may well be solvable with training, and should be addressed before you take your dog with you.

Your dog’s cleanliness and health

You will need to make sure that your dog is clean and healthy, and free of fleas etc. You may need to provide proof of vaccinations to your employer.

Is your job dog-friendly?

Although your office is dog-friendly, is your job? If you’re the office receptionist then having a dog with you on reception might not be suitable. You need to be honest with yourself about whether you will be able to look after your dog properly, and still do your job well.

Your commute to work

Have you gone on public transport with your dog before? Will he be ok with doing this during rush hour? Will you be ok to carry her on any escalators on the underground? Is he used to being restrained in a car for a period of time?


Do you have countless client meetings? How will your dog react to being left alone for periods of time? What is the company policy on a dog being left alone?


Do you have time to take your dog for short walks at lunch? Are you able to take him out for toilet breaks during the day? See more on the private training services that The Office Dog offers.

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