The Snuffle Rug is a simple idea – it has a rubber base with strips of fleece tied onto it, creating a rag mat. It’s approximately 30x30cm, meaning it’s nice and compact for the corner of an office. It’s simple, but can be intrinsically rewarding for your dog…

The Snuffle Rug is a food bowl

When dogs eat from a normal bowl, they tend to wolf down their food very quickly, and this can be bad for their digestion. If they are swallowing mouthfuls of air at the same time, this can also lead to a potentially dangerous condition called Bloat.

When your dog eats from a puzzle toy, it restricts the amount of air they consume, and slows down their eating. Not only is this good for their digestion, but also extends the enjoyable experience of actually eating.

There are many food toys out there for wet food, such as the Kong or K9 Connectables, but not so many for the dry kibble part of their diet. You sprinkle his kibble into the folds of the material and your dog gets to snuffle around in the mat to find the pieces.

The Snuffle Rug is calming

When your dog is sniffing and eating it engages the ‘thinking’ part of the brain, and disengages the ’emotional’ side. The simple act of sniffing and licking soothes and calms your dog.

If your dog is having a mental moment (often referred to as FRAP-ing or The Zoomies), or is having trouble concentrating while training, then sprinkle some dried parmesan (it’s smelly, so she’ll love it!) onto the Snuffle Rug for her to snuffle out. She’ll soon quieten down. A little bit of food goes a long way with the Snuffle Rug.

The Snuffle Rug is a boredom buster

Have you been to zoos where they enrich their animal’s lives by hiding food around the enclosure for them to find? This is a similar idea to the Snuffle Rug. Dogs’ sense of smell is amazing, and utilising it for fun and games is a natural way to engage their brain and counteract boredom.

Where can I get the Snuffle Rug?

You’re in luck! Sharon, The Office Dog’s CEO, makes them and you can get them in our shop.

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