Sniff Walks should make up the majority of your dog’s walks. It’s a walk where they get to choose the direction to go, the speed they go, what they can sniff, when they sniff it, and for how long. We generally get two reactions to that:

But that’s what happens on our walks anyway.

Hurrah! well done you. However, we would ask you to monitor yourself on your walks to check that it really is what’s happening… are you encouraging your dog to hurry up on a really interesting sniff? Especially as it starts to get colder. Are you pulling back to get your dog to walk at your pace? Just give yourself a little audit, your dog will thank you for it.

But we don’t have time for all that – we just have to get the kids to school.

You’re not giving your dog what he or she needs. A dog walk is more than physical exercise, they need mental stimulation which they get that from taking in their surroundings, and a dog’s dominant sense is smell. They need time to sniff about, sticking their nose in here or there, and take in all this fascinating information from the world.

Fair enough, you have to take the kids to school, or get your office dog to the workplace, but you need to look at scheduling in other walks that are just for your dog. Dogs get very little choice living in our world, give them choice on their walks at least. It’ll benefit you too… A dog that’s had a stimulating, enriching walk will be more tired than a dog that’s just had physical exercise alone.

Our CEO filmed her walk with her dog, Kimber today, here are some highlights from their 30 minute outing…


Sniff Walk 04/10/18

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