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Excellent! Sharon was great – as good at training me as at training Asta, and the Training Notes are fun to read. Elizabeth and Asta
Sharon is a miracle worker! When visiting Butternut Box offices she taught one of our puppies how to ‘down’ in about 5 seconds Hannah and Reya
Great value for money Sharon was great… Definitely helped with the training of our puppy. Thank you for all your help guys! Adene and Ozzy
Sharon’s can do attitude has given us the confidence boost we needed. A lovely friendly woman, full of excellent advice, who we could honestly share our insecurities with over our new little terror of a Parson Terrier. Vivien and Tippi
Definitely booking more Lessons! I couldn’t have asked for someone more knowledgeable about dogs and also very good with transferring knowledge over to humans. L Bauer and Leia
Great training We really enjoyed it and Sunny has come on leaps and bounds in just a couple of days Jane and Sunny

The idea for The Office Dog was born in 2016 when CEO, Sharon Jennings, was training to become a VSA Certified dog trainer, and while working her old job in a London office, realised how chaotic and unsafe a poorly planned ‘Bring your dog to work day’ could be…

After qualifying, and starting to work with clients, she realised there was a bigger issue than just offices – we expect our dogs to ‘behave’ in many different environments and scenarios, especially when living in London and other major cities; cafes, pubs, parks, markets, buses, trains.

The Office Dog is about putting the training in place to help your dog to succeed at living in your lifestyle.

Read the full story of how The Office Dog was born…

Sharon Jennings, CEO

Sharon Jennings is CEO and Founder of The Office Dog. She is also the Dogs Service Organiser for Crisis at Christmas.

Sharon’s life-long passion for dogs was realised when after a tough 6-month slog, she graduated with distinction from the inaugural UK class of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behaviour, and became a VSA Certified Dog Trainer

Sharon’s big inspiration for becoming a dog-trainer was getting her beagle puppy, Kimber:

Just having a puppy was hard work in itself. I was wearing yoga pants and wellies solidly for about a month so that there was no loose clothing or toes for him to get his little werewolf teeth into. I remember being up at 3am googling how to stop the night-time howling.

And then after a mishap, Kimber had to spend 4 nights in doggy hospital. After that he’d developed some form of claustrophobia, so all the crate-training was out the window, and his separation issues got really bad. and this was on top of all the normal thing that go with having a puppy… I was often in tears during the day due to sleep deprivation.

I found myself binge-watching episodes of ‘It’s Me or The Dog’ with him on my lap, looking for ideas. So when I saw that Victoria Stilwell was opening an Academy in the UK for dog trainers, it felt like the only sensible thing to do.

Training Methods

Sharon’s study at the Victoria Stilwell Academy means she uses positive methods of training. Simply put this means she creates an environment of learning where the dog is set up for success and does as asked because he wants to. Not because he fears what will happen if he doesn’t.

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