Our Story

The Office Dog came to be after our CEO and founder was witness to the potential chaos and disaster of having an unregulated ‘bring your dog to work day’ in a client’s office she was contracting in, while also training to become a dog trainer.

She soon started to realise all of the different things we expect from our dogs, especially those living in cities, but that we don’t do much to actually teach them how we want them to behave in these situations.

We Listened…

We started off specialising in training office dogs, but we soon realised from talking to our clients that ‘Office Dog’ was just one of many roles that we expect our dogs to fill in our lives.

…And We Evolved

So now we specialise in two core areas:
Puppy Training and Dog Walks

Puppy Training

If you get the basic foundations of dog training right when they’re still puppies, teach them boundaries, focus and impulse control, then they can adapt to doing almost anything with you when older.

Dog Walks

We don’t currently offer a dog walking service, but what we do is help owners who are struggling with certain aspects of walking their dogs.

Dog walks are a key way to bond with your dog, so whether you just want to keep your arm in its socket, or you want to make walks more enjoyable for your dog, we can help.

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Our Values: We Aim to PEEE

Protect, Empower, Educate and Enjoy.


Above all, we want everyone to be safe and happy – humans and dogs alike.


We will help you to know your dog and speak up for him. And he will learn to make the right choices for himself.


Obviously your dog will learn new things, but we want you to be able to understand your dog and learn why he does the things he does..


We want you to have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your dog, whether that’s at work or play. Why else do we invite them to share our lives with us?

You Can Trust Us

We know that you’re not going to trust your dog to just anyone, but unfortunately this is an unlicensed industry, meaning anyone can call themselves a Dog Trainer.

Make sure you check credentials of anyone who looks after your dog, including dog walkers and doggy daycares.

Proud Member of PPG (Pets Professional Guild), Force-Free Dog Trainer, Positive Trainer, Positive Reinforcement

Member of the Pet Professional Guild

Our trainers are members of the PPG; a membership organisation representing pet industry professionals who are committed to results based, science based force-free training and pet care.

Sharon is a VSA-Certified Dog Trainer (Victoria Stilwell Academy), Qualified Dog Trainer, Expert Dog Trainer

Victoria Stilwell Academy Certified Dog Trainer

Sharon graduated with distinction from the inaugural UK class of the VSA.

She learned from Victoria personally, and studied a scientifically-based positive training curriculum.

The Office Dog is fully Insured with Cliverton Insurance, Insured Dog Trainer, Professional Dog Trainer

Fully Insured with Cliverton Insurance

The Office Dog is covered by Cliverton, an insurance company specialising in animal-related businesses, including public liability insurance.

The Office Dog is rated GREAT on Trustpilot, Testimonial, Reviews,
The Office Dog is a Bark Certificate of Excellence 2019 Winner, Award Winner,
The Office Dog is a Bright Idea Supported by Virgin StartUp, The Office Dog, Lifestyle Dog Training

Meet Sharon Jennings, Dog Trainer, CEO & Founder of The Office Dog

(And her beagle, Kimber)

Sharon Jennings and Kimber, Hammersmith and Fulham, West London, Dog Trainer

Sharon Jennings

Sharon & Kimber live in Hammersmith, West London.

Like a lot of dog trainers, she entered the industry due to having a dog with ‘issues’. After a mishap, Kimber ended up having a 4-night stay in doggy hospital which led to a form of claustrophobia and also some separation problems.

After a 6-month intensive course studying with the Victoria Stilwell Academy, Sharon passed with Distinction, becoming a VSA-Certified Dog Trainer.

Sharon is very honest about the mistakes she has made with Kimber along the way, especially at the beginning of her journey with Kimber, and the idea that she can help others from making those same mistakes is a driving force behind starting The Office Dog…

I didn’t know much, and made the same mistakes a lot of owners make, even down to how we got him. You can hear more about that in Kimber’s Story.

Having a puppy was hard work; I was wearing yoga pants and wellies solidly for a month so there was no loose clothing or toes for him to get his little werewolf teeth into. I remember being up at 3am googling how to stop the night-time howling.

Now, I get to help others avoid the same mistakes I made and to find ways to fit their dogs into their lifestyles in a way that works for everyone involved.

In her previous life Sharon spent almost a decade in the digital marketing world, specialising as an Email Developer, she still does some freelance work in this field now.

Sharon has interests in Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, and has started making some of her own cosmetics and toiletries, which has the added bonus of cutting down on plastic waste.

Victoria Stilwell Academy

Sharon Jennings graduated with distinction from the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior and has been granted official status as a VSA-Certified Dog Trainer (VSA-CDT). The Victoria Stilwell Academy is the world’s premier institution for professional dog trainer education founded by renowned dog behaviour expert Victoria Stilwell, and graduates of VSA have been individually taught in-person by Stilwell and other VSA faculty. All VSA graduates have been rigorously assessed at the highest level for both skills and knowledge in the areas of dog training, behaviour modification, canine ethology and creative problem-solving.

Additionally, great emphasis is placed within VSA’s industry-leading curriculum upon effective and empathetic human communication skills. This unique focus results in professional dog trainers who are prepared not just to train dogs successfully using powerful force-free, positive reinforcement-based tools and techniques, but also to help dog owner clients to learn how to truly transform canine behaviour and set their dogs up for success using the latest in modern behavioural science methods.

The Office Dog is Proud to Support Mayhew

Sharon Jennings Volunteering with Mayhew, London Dog Charity, Dog Trainer
The Office Dog Supports Mayhew, London Dog Charity,

Mayhew is a West London based charity, helping dogs and cats in the community in a number of ways.

Sharon, our CEO, also volunteers alongside staff from Mayhew on the Dogs Service for the charity, Crisis at Christmas.

In the Media

Mentions of The Office Dog in the press and media…
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The Office Dog FAQ

What areas do you cover?

W2 – Bayswater
W3 – Acton
W4 – Chiswick
W6 – Hammersmith, Ravenscourt Park, Stamford Brook
W8 – Kensington
W9 – Maida Vale
W10 – North Kensington
W11 – Notting Hill
W12 – Shepherd’s Bush, White City, Wood Lane
W14 – West Kensington, Barons Court
W1K – Mayfair SW5 – Earl’s Court
SW6 – Fulham, Parsons Green
SW7 – South Kensington
SW10 – Chelsea
SW1X – Knightsbridge
TW9 – Richmond, Kew

When are you open?

Our Office Hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Training Sessions are available Monday to Friday 9:00am to 7:00pm, and Saturdays 10:00am to 4:00pm

Do you offer group training classes?

We don’t.

The reason being that not every dog is suited to that environment, and it can be detrimental to everyone at a group class if there is a dog present who would really rather not be there.

Private training is suitable for every dog though, and gives each pup the best chance of success. With private training your dog will have the complete attention and focus of the trainer.

How much does dog training cost?

It depends on what you need.

Our prices are displayed alongside the information for each training session or training package on the relevant page.

You can also see them on our prices page.

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