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We aim to PEEE, will you aim too?

Great training We really enjoyed it and Sunny has come on leaps and bounds in just a couple of days Jane and Sunny
Definitely booking more Lessons! I couldn’t have asked for someone more knowledgeable about dogs and also very good with transferring knowledge over to humans. L Bauer and Leia
Excellent! Sharon was great – as good at training me as at training Asta, and the Training Notes are fun to read. Elizabeth and Asta
Great value for money Sharon was great… Definitely helped with the training of our puppy. Thank you for all your help guys! Adene and Ozzy
Sharon’s can do attitude has given us the confidence boost we needed. A lovely friendly woman, full of excellent advice, who we could honestly share our insecurities with over our new little terror of a Parson Terrier. Vivien and Tippi
Sharon is a miracle worker! When visiting Butternut Box offices she taught one of our puppies how to ‘down’ in about 5 seconds Hannah and Reya

Modern day living generally means working long hours – especially in London and other major cities. These hours can mean that dogs are being left alone at home for long periods of time. And a lonely dog, is a bored dog, is a ‘naughty’ dog. Long hours might even be the difference between getting a dog, and not. Dog walkers and doggy day-cares can be a great solution, but they don’t help you to spend time with your furry friend.

Instead of worrying about your dog being left alone at home, what he’s getting up to, or having to arrange an array of dog walkers and sitters every day, wouldn’t you rather have him curled up quietly at your feet?

What’s stopping you? Puppy not quite well-behaved enough? Office doesn’t have a dog-friendly policy? Worried about your commute? Or maybe you know your dog wouldn’t enjoy all the attention from your colleagues?

The Office Dog does not think that the fact that you work hard should mean your dog loses out. More and more offices are introducing ‘dog-friendly’ policies, and we want as as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of these schemes.

“For me, and for many other young, professional people, a big blocker to getting a dog is the number of hours worked. This would mean that a dog would be left alone for large portions of the day. Kimber really hates being left alone, he’s a bit of a mummy’s boy (when he’s not being a daddy’s boy). Walkers, sitters and doggy day-cares are great options, but they don’t help you to spend time with your dog. That’s what I want to do, that’s why I started The Office Dog! I want to help people to have more time with their dogs, and be able to do it in a happy and safe environment.”

Sharon, CEO The Office Dog

Sharon Jennings, CEO

Sharon Jennings is CEO and Founder of The Office Dog.

Sharon’s life-long passion for dogs was realised when after a tough 6-month slog, she graduated with distinction from the inaugural UK class of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behaviour, and became a VSA Certified Dog Trainer

Sharon’s big inspiration for becoming a dog-trainer was getting her beagle puppy, Kimber. This decision only came about after Sharon decided to quit her full-time job as manager of an email development team and become a freelancer – allowing her to spend more time at home.

Read more on Sharon’s journey to starting the Office Dog…

We Aim To PEEE:


Above all, we want everyone to be safe and happy – humans and dogs alike. We will help you to work with your dog so that he is able to behave appropriately in an office environment.


We will help you to be an advocate for your dog, to know what’s best for him and speak up for him when he can’t. And he will learn to make the right choices for himself.


As well as teaching your dog new behaviours, we want to help you to be able to understand your dog. Learn why he does the things that he does.


We want you to have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your dog, whether that’s at work or at play. Why else do we invite them to share our lives with us?

Training Methods

Sharon’s study at the Victoria Stilwell Academy means she uses positive methods of training. Simply put this means she creates an environment of learning where the dog is set up for success and does as asked because he wants to. Not because he fears what will happen if he doesn’t.

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